Seelewald is a vast world that has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations in its history, from the ancient empires of the Elves to the myriad Elven-Human nations since the Elves' great decline. Modern Seelewald has large swaths of unsettled land both at its north and south poles and in areas surrounding the ancient and volatile Elven ruins.

Mythic Seelewald Edit

Little is known about Seelewald's ancient days, referred to as the Mythic Age. The immortal Elves were at the height of their power, and their empires spanned the globe. Those ancient empires warred constantly, and some legends say they even reformed the land as they wished. The most visible remains of the Elves of the Mythic Age are the ruins of their cities. Though believed to be built primarily by magic, many ancient Elven cities also used physical building materials like stone and glass. Despite the volatility of the exhausted magical cores of the cities, archaeologists have been able to briefly examine some ruins and publish their limited findings.

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